Writing to an inmate

Inmates may receive mail from friends and family while incarcerated.  Address the letter with the inmates name and the following address:

0875 S. State Rd. 9
LaGrange, IN 46761

All incoming mail is inspected prior to being distributed to the inmates for any contraband or prohibited items.  Legal mail is inspected in front of the inmate.

Any letters between 2 or more inmates mailed in through a 3rd party will be confiscated and the inmates my face disciplinary action or prosecution.

Inmates will be permitted to receive newspapers sent directly from the publisher as long as they do not present a danger to the orderly management of the facility; or a danger to staff, other inmates and the general public.  Pornographic materials are prohibited.  Soft back books may be mailed in directly from the publisher or retailer. 

All daily, weekly and monthly publications shall be issued when the inmate’s old publication is turned in to a jail staff officer for disposal (old publications will NOT be placed in the inmate’s personal property).  All old publications shall be intact when turned in to an officer or the new publications will not be issued.