1. Visitors must provide picture identification with date of birth (example: Drivers license, State ID card etc.).
 2. No smoking, food or drink will be permitted in the visiting area.
3. Voices are to be kept at moderate levels.
 4. Visitors and inmates will wear proper clothing.
 5. No cell phones, photographs or audio/video equipment will be permitted.
 6. No items will be passed between visitors and inmates.
 7. Visitors under the age of 18 will not be permitted to visit. 
8. Visitors and inmates are to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times or the visit will be terminated.  Visitors exhibiting improper behavior will be denied visiting privileges and will not be reinstated without approval from the Sheriff or Jail Commander.
 9. The first 3 individuals of legal age to sign up for visitation for an inmate will be the only ones allowed to visit for that session.
10. The jail staff will not accept anything for an inmate during visits, unless prior approval by the SHIFT SERGEANT or the JAIL COMMANDER has been granted.
 11. If there is reasonable suspicion that visitors possess contraband, they may be asked to submit to a search or they will be declined the visit. NOTE: All persons entering this building are subject to search.  If it is determined that a visitor has brought contraband into the facility, visits will be terminated and the visitor will be prosecuted.
 12. Visiting hours will be posted in each cellblock and in the lobby for friends and families to view.
 13. Any person that has been a previous inmate of the LaGrange County Jail must wait 90 days after being released before visiting a current inmate.
 14. Professional visitors shall be approved and shall be required to prove authorized access. They will be given an ID that must be visible at all times, it will be returned to the staff when they leave the secured area. Professional visitors may visit at any reasonable hour, except during meals and formal counts.
 15. Contact visits are not allowed.
 16. Work release inmates are not permitted visitors.
 17. Visitors under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs that are acting in a disorderly manner will be arrested.
Visitation for the inmates has been set up by which cell block the inmate is held in.  This is done for the safety of the inmates and the jail staff.


The cellblock visiting schedule is as follows:

 C1 – 9:00am till 9:45am (Women) – Also Includes Intake Women
 B1 - 5:30pm till 6:15pm
 C5 – 6:30pm till 7:15pm
 C6 – 7:30pm till 8:15pm
 B2 – 8:30pm till 9:15pm

 First Monday of Each Month:
 Female – 6:15pm till 6:45pm
 Male – 7:00pm till 7:30pm

 Every Monday:
 Protective Custody – 7:45pm till 8:15pm

 A1 – 7:00pm till 7:30pm (Intake Males)
 B4 – 7:45pm till 8:15pm
 B5 – 8:30pm till 9:00pm

 B3 – 7:45pm till 8:15pm
 C3 – 8:30pm till 9:00pm
 C4 – 7:00pm till 7:30pm