Religious Services

1. This facility provides the opportunity for inmates to practice their religion on a voluntary basis, subject to the limitations necessary to maintain facility order and security.

2. This facility allows approved clergy who have proper identification and authorization to visit at reasonable times. This facility also has a chaplain on call for assistance.

3. When making a request or seeking religious assistance, inmates may fill out a Inmate Request Form and ask for a meeting with Chaplin.

4. Any inmate may receive a Bible (Spanish or English) by making a written request to the chaplain.

5. Inmates are permitted to attend funeral of immediate family members only by obtaining a court order to do so.

6. Religious diets are available, upon request by the inmate’s chaplain and approval of the jail chaplain and
Circuit Court Judge. If a religious diet entails expense beyond those provided by the State Board of Accounts, the inmate will be required to bear the added cost.

7. Worship services are provided by the Jail Ministry.


What the chaplain does:
• Answers requests for private counsel and prayer.
• Helps make connection with the inmate’s personal pastor or religious leader for jail visits.
• Coordinates religious worship services.
• Helps with communication with family members.
• Delivers Bible or holy writing of the inmate’s faith.

How the inmate’s may contact the Chaplain:  
• Thursday – Chapel Service
• Sunday – Bible Study / Chapel Service
• By written request
• By calling the chaplain via the inmate phone system.