Access to Telephone

1. Phones are located in the cell block area. All phone calls are collect which means the person the inmate is calling will be charged.

2.  If an inmate is placed in a holding cell that does not have a phone, they will be able upon request, to make calls on the inmate phone in the intake area.

3. Once inmates are placed in general population there are phones in each block.

4. Inmates will be required to pay for damage they cause to the phones and will be subject to disciplinary action and / or criminal charges.

5. Phone calls can not be received on these phones and the jail staff will not accept phone messages for delivery to inmates except in cases of emergency.

6. Use of the phone for harassment or intimidation will result in loss of the privilege and / or criminal charges.

7. Inmates will not be allowed to use the jail staff’s phone for any reason. 

8. All inmate phones are capable of being recorded at any time.